Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

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  • Provided advanced manufacturing training to 9,449 new and incumbent workers: 1,040 – youth in secondary technical centers; 2,104 – college credit adults; 6,305 – incumbent workers.
  • Developed Advanced Manufacturing laboratories on each ADTEC college campus for training delivery.
  • Developed the ADCE state curriculum frameworks and secondary technical center programs in Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Developed curriculum for CP, TC, and AAS in Advanced Manufacturing, leading into a BAS degree at UA Fort Smith through the ADTEC University Center and resulting in a career pathway from high school through the bachelor’s degree. Programs have been approved by ADHE.
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    ADTEC has been named a Top 10 national finalist for the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award, to be presented by the Community College Futures Assembly in January 2014.

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