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ADTEC is a proven, award-winning

workforce model that has been recognized by the Education Commission of the States, U.S. Department of Labor, Community College Futures Assembly, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Workforce Strategy Center, Southern Business & Development, and Southern Growth Policies Board.

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ADTEC is a partnership of five

community colleges in eastern Arkansas using collective resources to support regional workforce training intiatives, including Advanced Manufacturing, Aviation Maintenance, Allied Health, Renewable Energy, and Transportation.

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ADTEC has generated a return

to the State of Arkansas of $4.18 for every state dollar invested in ADTEC.

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ADTEC has been successful in garnering

more than $63 million in external investments, mostly federal, to support regional workforce development initiatives.

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The Arkansas Delta Training and Education Consortium (ADTEC) was created in 2005 by five Arkansas community colleges in eastern Arkansas to use their collective resources to address current and future training needs of business and industry. The Consortium was first officially recognized with a $5.9 million U.S. Department of Labor grant to develop advanced manufacturing training capacity in the 12-county ADTEC region. Since that time, ADTEC has been successful in garnering more than $63 million in external investments, mostly federal, to support regional workforce development initiatives.

  • Provide a comprehensive regional approach to education and training

  • Share faculty, curriculum, equipment and best practices

  • Provide a broader range of services at a lower overall cost

  • Promote regional economic development.

ADTEC Colleges:
Arkansas Northeastern College, Blytheville
Arkansas State University-Newport
East Arkansas Community College, Forrest City
Mid-South Community College, West Memphis
Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, Helena     *stars represent locations of ADTEC colleges

Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Program has trained over 9,000 new and incumbent workers in the region for the advanced manufacturing industry to date. Supported by the original Department of Labor grant ($5,935,402), this Career Pathway includes a high school component, community college certificates and degrees, and a baccalaureate degree, all of which articulate with one another and which support multiple stop-out points for students who must work before completing their education. An additional $250,000 in funding was provided by the Delta Regional Authority to fund training equipment for the automotive industry in the Arkansas Delta and $20,000 by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education to fund curriculum development for the high school component of the career pathway.

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ADTEC has been named a Top 10 national finalist for the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award, to be presented by the Community College Futures Assembly in January 2014.

ADTEC Funding