Career Pathway Model

ADTEC Career Pathway Model

All ADTEC initiatives are based on a Career Pathway model, which provides a career-specific seamless educational continuum that consists of multiple entry/exit points and credential attainment levels (certificate of proficiency, technical certificate, associate degree, and baccalaureate degree).

A student can enter a career pathway as a high school student, as a college student after high school graduation, or as an incumbent or dislocated worker.

At any designated exit point, a student can stop out of the program and enter the workforce with a college credential and industry-specific skills. The student can then re-enter the pathway and continue to work toward attainment of the next credential.


ADTEC has been named a Top 10 national finalist for the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award, to be presented by the Community College Futures Assembly in January 2014.

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