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University Center

The ASU Mid-South University Center provides a variety of high-quality and convenient baccalaureate, graduate, and advanced professional development programs from cooperating colleges and universities — programs that can be completed on the ASU Mid-South campus. It serves as a capstone element of an overall career pathways effort to guide high school students and adults into a well-designed program that includes a series of sequential education and training opportunities.

In cooperation and collaboration with the region’s leading colleges and universities, the $7 million, 31,000-square foot University Center provides access to strategically-selected baccalaureate programs designed to significantly impact the economic growth of the Arkansas Delta. Four-year degree opportunities are available through a combination of live classroom teaching, compressed video, interactive World Wide Web connectivity, and on-demand multimedia technology.

In addition to its convenient location, the the University Center offers flexible learning opportunities for an increasingly diverse student population. Working students with families are benefiting from weekend, on-line, on-demand, and hybrid delivery of instruction.

Allied Health

The Medical Assistant program introduces students to the overall operation of the physician’s office. Students are trained to assist the physician in the examination room, to perform routine laboratory procedures and to handle financial records, correspondence, insurance forms and other administrative functions. Job opportunities include doctor’s offices, clinics, public and private hospitals, and inpatient and out-patient facilities.

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ADTEC has been named a Top 10 national finalist for the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award, to be presented by the Community College Futures Assembly in January 2014.

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