Secondary Technical Centers

Secondary technical centers provide career/technical education (CTE) programs to high school students within a 25-mile radius of a center location. The cost of operating and maintaining CTE programs is expensive, so a center’s programs are a regional resource to the high schools in that particular service area. Each center enrolls students from several high schools, enabling those schools to provide their students with access to a variety of programs, including those that cannot be offered at the local level, thus eliminating duplicative expense. By participating in a secondary technical center, a local high school can offer six or more additional CTE programs of study at a greatly reduced cost.

Each ADTEC college offers concurrent credit through its secondary technical center, serving 2,140 students  in 26 technical programs in 2011-12. These students earned 10,662 college credit hours through concurrent credit programs, in one year representing a $786,458 value to the citizens of eastern Arkansas.

Secondary technical centers are operated under the auspices of and through funding mechanisms of the Arkansas Department of Career Education, with oversight by the State Board of Workforce Education and Career Opportunities.


ADTEC has been named a Top 10 national finalist for the prestigious Bellwether Legacy Award, to be presented by the Community College Futures Assembly in January 2014.

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